I’m scared as can be 

But fighting like hell is the key 

It won’t be easy it will be extremely tough 

And not everyday will be good things will be rough 

I do not feel ready but this is how it’s going to be 

I have to stop thinking negative you see 

They say emerg will be here

I got to remember that

I need to transition out back into real life

The fear cuts deep like a Knife 

Please pray for me 

It won’t be easy as you can see 

But I’m a fighter I got this

It’s been a support system so it I will miss 

My nurses all say I’m strong enough 

So I got to remember things will be tough 

But I got the strength to overcome anything 

To show it I even wear my spinny ring (Christian ring) 

I got this! 

Written by: Alisha Larsen 

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