“Discharged from hospital”

I was discharged today 

I asked to go home I must say 

it was tough but I did it 

I conquered all my challenges I will admit 

It wasn’t easy it was extremely tough 

And the few first hours weren’t easy they were rough 

But I got through it and came out a stronger person from my hospital experience this time 

I hope I don’t have to go back is all I have to say this time 

All the nurses said see you later but hopefully not to soon 

But I can’t thank them enough I’m over the moon 

They all helped me so much 

They all had their special touch 

But yes hopefully I don’t see yas too soon 

I’m glad to be home and be in my own room 

I don’t miss the hospital at all 

And to this I will stand tall

I got this everyone 

Thank everyone a ton 

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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