A couple years ago was the first time I was admitted to unit 9 

People asked how I was doing i said I was fine 

It was the beginning of a journey I never thought I would have to take 

I thought going in was a big mistake. 

I was a risk to myself so they took everything from me I had nothing at all 

Next they put me in a room with cement walls 

I was on constant care

I was so scared 

Then I got better and got to go home I loved it because I finally got to roam 

Then about year or so later I relapsed and had to go back in 

I had to relive it all over again 

It took me five more times to go in and get more help so I could go home again 

I just knew when I got better I knew it was time then 

It’s been nine months now that I have been out 

I have a great support system throughout 

I couldn’t have done it without them 

They are all really a gem 💎 

So that’s my journey thus far 

To show it I even have a scar 

So don’t give up and stay true to yourself it’s okay not to be okay 

Just take it day by day 

Written by: Alisha Larsen 

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