Ps. Before reading this, this was back in may and I’m ok now 🙂

Last night my nurse took everything from me I had nothing at all 

Next they took my blankets I sat there staring at the walls 

I was so scared because I was very suicidal  

I had a plan but it didn’t follow through because the nurses were watching me close 

Anytime I moved or arose 

My nurse gave me good advice and I took that advice and stayed safe last night 

Even though I don’t want to be here they say I must stay 

But my stuff they also take away to keep me safe

It comes crashing down like waves 

Because its not fun feeling this way 

I must say but I’m suffering everyday 

Please just take the suffering away 

I can’t take it everyday 

It is a struggle it is a fight 

They just keep telling me to take these pills in the morning and at night 

I have got bandages all over me

So the cuts you cannot see

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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