I feel like no-one understands me 

The pain inside me they can’t see

I wish all this pain would end 

Any help I wish you to send 

Im just a girl trying to find her way 

And I might not have all the right words to say 

But I’m suffering an its taking away my pride

Im keeping it all inside 

Please god show me the way 

And tell me the right things to say 

Make me happy again 

Its not easy for me and its no fun 

I just want to be happy again and be out in the sun

I feel defeated ,but that won’t stop me 

I know I’m strong but right now that I can’t see 

Im here for anyone suffering with the same things 

I know when I’m struggling I call my helpline and let the phone ring 

I am in hospital right now so I have the nurses but onetime there’s one that makes me feel misunderstood

Please reach out to a helpline I have to and it makes me feel understood and feel even just a bit better

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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