“My best friend Shawn”

I feel lost , I feel defeated 

I lost my best friend 

It hurts deeply inside 

All I want to do is cry 

Why did he have to leave so soon 

But I will remember him as I look up at the moon 

I cherish the time together we got to spend 

If you can listen and have a ear to lend 

God why did you take him away from me?

I just don’t understand and cannot see 

He had a big heart but mine right now is torn to pieces inside 

It’s not a lovely life ride 

I feel as though I cannot breathe 

Im hyperventilating you see 

He was young and had a whole life ahead of him 

I think with him gone it is a sin 

It still doesn’t seem real 

It hasn’t hit me yet the emotions to feel 

Im still in shock 

I can’t even begin to express how I feel 

My head is spinning like a wheel 

He will be missed by many especially me

I just can’t see the future without him you see 

Shawn, Til we meet again my best friend

Written By: Alisha Larsen

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