“My story of P.C.H admission”

The last couple days haven’t been the best but the nurses that have helped me are the best. 

The struggle is real , but they assure me that I’m going to be ok even if I don’t know what to say. I was hospitalized on May 3rd 2020 was my first time being admitted to the mental health unit at the P.C.H, I was scared and embarrassed but they said “hun everything will be ok.” I cut the night before I was admitted and even then walking through the doors of the hospital the next day I felt different then before. I felt understood, accepted, and not judged. The day I got admitted I called the crisis response team at P.C.H and not knowing who would answer my best friends sister works there and answered. I knew she worked there  but not on the crisis team. She talked to my dad and told him to take me in. She met me at the door and from there I was accessed and admitted. She sat through the whole thing with me and another nurse (RN) as I cried scared and fearful of the unknown. They got me changed into a Johnny shirt and took everything away from me no phone, no purse and got me to sit on a bed and wait with constant care with me after I was accessed they took me to the unit and from there I was on constant care for a week. After a week they took me off and I started to do better no more restraints or needles. I tried to escape because I guessed the code right so got tackled down by staff and locked in my room. So the code was changed and there was no more of that. I was told I was doing better today and making better decisions. A couple nurses stood out to me with their kind personalties and kind words and gestures. They really made my stay a memorable one and if I need help ill be coming back 🙂 My birthday was extra special my mom, dad , and pappy came and brought me a Wendys meal and my pappy gave me $50. I had to talk to them though the window though because of Covid-19 so the nurses got the food and met them at the backdoor. It will be a birthday I will remember. I even got a cupcake from the cafeteria staff on my tray it was nice. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be because I was in hospital on my birthday.

Written By: Alisha Larsen    

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