“Not my time”

I relapsed. I relapsed.

I had to go back into Emerg

I was so scared

I barricaded myself in the bathroom there

Next they put me on constant care

I overdosed on medications I had with me

I thank God because I’m lucky to be alive today

He was with me

Next I was hooked up to heart machines for a while

They checked everything to make sure I was going to be okay

On August 4th I tried to take my own life by taking pills and overdosing on them

I got formed and admitted to Unit 9 

I wasn’t doing fine at this time

I am on constant care counting the tiles 

and holes in the ceiling bored as can be

But I am getting help and that is the key 

The Staff is amazing they always help keep me safe everyday

Even if that means taking things away

I relapsed is all I can say

The only person that will understand me is Fay.

Written By: Alisha Larsen

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