I relapsed on a pass at home 

I took a bunch of pills and told no one.

I got back to the hospital and was unstable 

That’s when a nurse saw me 

They called emerg to see what was able to be done 

I was sent up on charcoal and heart monitors for 12 hours it was the longest and scariest time of my life I wanted to run.

It cut deep like a knife in my soul

I knew I hurt a lot of people and that wasn’t my goal

It was my second attempt since I was in 

The thought and reminder makes me crawl out of my skin 

I just didn’t want to be here anymore 

The pain of life I couldn’t do no more

But I have the support from the nurses of unit 9

They couldn’t have helped me at a better time

Overdosing is not something you want 

But when you can’t take life it will taunt 

Reach out and don’t do what I did 

It’s not the right choice and I hope the people I hurt can forgive 

Written by: Alisha Larsen 

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