“Rejection and Beauty”

I feel rejected it bothers me

Maybe the people that do it cannot see

I’ve been excluded my whole life 

It doesn’t feel right

I cry all night

It still doesn’t seem right

Just think how they would feel if the same thing was done to them

I remember being excluded since

 the age of 10

My mental health already bothers me and I cry myself to sleep mostly every night 

But I got to remember be strong and hold on tight

Because there is people in this world that care about me and believe in me

My helpline sees that even when that I cannot see

They truly are amazing There

They help me through even when I get a scare

I know this poem seems lame but it’s just how I feel

I know I’m hard on myself but my head spins like a wheel

Everyday  I just got to get up and make a move

Every day is a struggle 

And the shit I have to juggle

Please God make me see the beautiful in me 

Because tonight that I cannot see

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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