Relapsed again”

I relapsed again 

I’m disappointed in myself a lot this time 

All I’ve been doing all night is crying 

It’s tiring and I feel weak 

And help I need to seek 

I feel like a failure I don’t feel good enough 

I know I hide everything behind a smile and a laugh and seem tough 

But inside I’m falling apart 

It’s not easy it’s hell right now for me 

And not everyone can see 

The only people I tell are my mental health professionals and my IHL 

They all have been there with me through thick and thin and cheering me on 

But I’m so down I feel gone 

I’ve been crying for over 5 hours now and I’m so so weak 

And tmmr hopefully at the hospital there will me someone I can meet 

Someone I can talk to and let it all out and not keep anything in 

Cause right now I feel like I’m inside a tin

Hiding from everyone around 

And trying not to make a sound 

I’m not doing good right now so I’m going to call my IHL back 

They always have my back 

And to anyone struggling Even tho I’m saying all these things happening to me try to think positive because you will get through this .. things will get better.. love you all 

Written By: Alisha Larsen

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