I relapsed again 

I was sure the last time I did it was the last 

But I just have so much pain from my past 

It cuts deep like a knife in my soul 

I cut tonight and that wasn’t my goal 

I cut with a pop can tab 

And remembering it makes me sad 

I did it thinking it would release all my pain 

And every time I do it I think the same 

It was superficial this time 

And I am glad I am fine 

My best friend was there with me on the phone through the whole thing 

I know when this happens I ethier call her or my helpline and let the phone ring . 

Relapse doesn’t mean your weak 

It’s just something you have to work on and your coping skills you have to tweak 

So don’t give up on yourself to quickly when this happens to you next time around

I’m here for anyone who struggles with this and I am around 

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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