I am suffering but no one can tell

I am hurting inside and it hurts like hell 

I have depression ya that awful ten letter word 

And everything seems blurred 

I can tell you it’s no fun 

And even on the meds I’m on I burn in the sun 

I can’t wait to see my psychiatrist in eight days 

And we can change my meds so I can go outside and enjoy the rays 

I also suffer with this thing called anxiety 

It sucks and makes living awfully hard for me in society 

My coping has always been cutting and still sometimes is but I try darn hardest to call my helpline before I act on it 

And they always talk me out of it 

I’m blessed to have them in my life 

There there even when things in my life cut deep like a knife in my soul 

And that’s usually cutting and that’s never my goal 

If you live In Pei call the island helpline they truly are amazing and never leave you astray 

They will talk to you every single day until your okay even if it takes longer they say that’s ok 

I feel like god put them in my life for a reason and that reason is why I’m still here with all my attempts I shouldn’t be here today but god said you must stay 

He truly looks out for me everyday and the helpline to I must say 

They have both helped me get to where I am today 

Love you all and never hesitate if you need someone give me a call 

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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