“The day I cut”

I relapsed again oh my God

Why do I keep doing this I think to myself

But I hide the object Up in the closet on my shelf

I just don’t think when I do it

It happens so fast I will admit

I use a pop can tab 

And every time I feel bad

My helpline has been a blessing to be there for me And never leave me astray

They always keep me on their minds and I’m thankful for that to this day

I wish I could pay them in some sort of way 

But they just say their here for me every day

And Day to day and theirs nothing I have to do or say 

They just say they enjoy my calls every day

So I will keep calling them everyday 

It’s like my night ritual to call them and chat and talk about things that are bothering me

They always see the positive in me even when that  I cannot see

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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