I am standing outside in the rain 

Praying to god just take this pain 

I am hurting so much lately inside 

It’s taking away my pride 

I feel as though no one understands me 

But there is three 

Some days I feel like I can’t get out of bed 

There’s just so much going on in my head 

You see mental illness is not a joke 

We didn’t just wish this one on ourselves when we awoke 

Try to be understanding the next time someone needs your helping hand 

It doesn’t even have to be planned let’s take the stand 

You see that girl smiling as she walks beside 

Well behind that smile she is breaking inside 

That boy you just laughed at 

He always gets called fat 

So remember your words can have an impact on people all the time 

And you may make a mountain they have to climb

So just be nice and be yourself everyday 

That’s what I would do anyway 

Written by: Alisha Larsen 

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