“Voices and flashback’s”

The voices and flashbacks are bad tonight 

I don’t feel so alright 

I want to scream and make them go away 

But they always say they must stay

They scare me like hell 

But no-one can tell 

People can’t tell what’s going on inside my head 

But every word above is true that I said 

Some days I just can’t get out of bed 

There is so much going on in my brain 

I wish I was normal and could function the same 

I hide all the pain behind a smile and a laugh 

Im falling apart do the math 

Good news is I’m getting help right now 

In hospital at the mental health unit 

I just need a little help and as you would say a little tuning 

Its scary but my nurses all assure me I’m fine 

I can’t wait until they go away this time (voices)

Reach out is all I can say 

And you will see better days

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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