“Who I am”

I feel anxiety inside my body 

But it don’t define me everybody 

I feel PTSD flashbacks lately 

But that don’t define me 

I may feel weak but I am strong 

This mental illness is lifelong 

I struggle in my sleep

I wake up and weep 

Panic attacks do not define me sometimes it feels like someone standing on my chest

 Sometimes I wish my mental illness would give me a rest 

Sometimes I hyperventilate so hard my whole body is sore

It has happened before

Anxiety hitting the roof my body hitting the floor 

Feeling like I can’t do this anymore 

But I hear a voice above me say I am here for you every day follow me child and I will show you the Way 

Jesus is his name

He has taught me that words and emotions do not define me 

And I couldn’t disagree

So if you feel down and no one is around I’m here for you friend

Til’ the very end

I love you all 

And remember stand tall

Written By: Alisha Larsen 

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